PET 300-32 CR

300 L capacity fully stainless steel fork type dough kneader, specially design fork arm, silent operation for all kinds of dough. Long life kneading system is made by endless screw and gear inside a powerful reducer. Stainless steel bowl, cover and fork arm equipped. Two speed



Dirmak Machinery Pet Series Fork Type mixers can knead the hardest dough with special designed reducer system. Pet Series Dough Kneaders have all of protective equipments like emergency stop, protective cover.

PET 300 CR
Main Features

▶ Pet series fork type dough kneaders are produced to meet your needs in the best way
▶ Homogenous and high quality kneading
▶ Reducer system with endless screw and gear
▶ Two speed motor
▶ Automatic / Manuel operating
▶ Two timers
▶ Bowl breaking
▶ Waterproof button control panel with timer
▶ Silent operation
▶ Maximum capacity (Flour, with %60 hydration) is 225 kg for bread dough.
▶ Easy maintenance and easy cleaning
▶ Safety device will automatically stop the machine when the cover opens.
▶ Stainless steel body
▶ Stainless steel fork arm for every kinds of dough
▶ Bowl is placed a way of take dough easily

Important Informations


▶ Stainless stell body
▶ AISI 304 Stainless steel bowl - 200 l capacity.
▶ Asynchronous motor with high start-up torque.
▶ CE approved


Supply Voltage : 380-415 V/3P/50-60hZ                            
Motor Power : 3,2 - 5,0 kW


Flour : 150 kg / cycle
Dough : 225 kg / cycle
Meat :

220 kg / cycle

Bowl Capacity : 300 L
Bowl Diameter : 1000 mm 
Dimensions (cm) : 115 x 130 x 130
Weight : 450 kg
With this machine you can do the following
  • Dough


  • Pizza Dough

    Pizza Dough

  • Meat Mix

    Meat Mix

  • Baklava


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