60 cm belt width, AISI 304 Stainless steel body, safety cover and all food contact parts for hygiene. Easy to use thickness adjusting mechanism. Belt speed is variable.



DHM Series sheeters provide very smooth and non-tear products for every kind of doughs. Easy to use adjustment lever allows different thicknesses . Rollers,covers and all food contact parts are made AISI 304 stainless steel

DHM 60 CR1
DHM 60 CR2
DHM 60 CR3
DHM 60 CR4
Main Features
▶ Dirmak equipments are designed for long-term usage under heavy duty conditions. Dough sheeters are equipped with stainless steel food contact parts for hygiene
▶ AISI 304 Stainless steel body for DHM 60
▶ Waterproof button control panel
▶ Adjustable speed for belts
▶ Hard chrome covered roller drive
▶ Scrapers for rollers
▶ Strong pulley-belt system
▶ Minimum thickness 0,5 mm
▶ Maximum thickness 35 mm
▶ Safety device will automatically stop the machine when the cover opens.
Important Informations


Supply Voltage : 220 V/1P/50-60Hz  
Motor Power : 0,75 kW



Belt Width : 600 mm 
Roller Width : 85 mm
Belt Lenght for One Side: : 1350 mm
Total Lenght for Belts : 2850 mm
Dimensions (CM) : 115 x 300 x 120
Weight : 320 KG
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