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ISM 75-32S is a high-performance spiral dough kneading machine that is in high demand in industrial kitchens and the bakery industry. This powerful and efficient machine kneads the dough quickly, homogeneously and effectively, facilitating the production processes of businesses and increasing efficiency.

Areas of Use and Advantages:

Large Capacity: With its 75 liter boiler volume, it allows large-scale dough production and alleviates intense workloads in industrial kitchens.
Two-Way Bowl Rotation: ISM 75-32S enables the dough to be kneaded more homogeneously and improves product quality, thanks to the two-way rotation feature of the bowl.
Powerful Engine: It offers a powerful performance with its two-speed engine and can easily process various dough types.
Stainless Steel Surfaces: All surfaces in contact with food are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, ensuring hygiene and durability.
Ease of Use: It offers operators an easy-to-use experience with its water-resistant control panel, timer feature and silent operation.
Wheeled Design: The machine has a wheeled design, which increases mobility and can be easily moved within the business.

Technicial Specifications:

Supply Voltage: 380-415 V/3P/50-60Hz
Engine Power: 1.5-2.5 + 0.55 kW
Capacity: Flour: 35 Kg / Cycle, Dough: 50 Kg / Cycle
Boiler Volume: 75 liters
Boiler Diameter: 600 mm
Dimensions: 65 x 120 x 120 cm
Weight: 400KG

ISM 75-32S is among the powerful and reliable equipment of Dirmak Makina. It is the ideal solution to increase the quality and efficiency of your industrial production.


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