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DHM 60 CR is a first-class equipment designed to facilitate dough rolling operations in industrial kitchens and the bakery industry. With its wide bandwidth and hygienic design, it attracts attention with the efficiency and reliability it provides in the dough processing processes of businesses.

Why is it preferred?

Hygienic Design: All food-contact surfaces and machine body made of stainless steel meet hygiene standards and facilitate cleaning.
Flexible and Adjustable Belt Speed: The belt speed can be adjusted according to the needs of the businesses, thus making the dough processing process more flexible.
Easy Thickness Adjustment: Practical thickness adjustment system makes it easy to obtain the desired thickness for different dough types.
Durable and Reliable: Strong pulley system and quality materials offer long-lasting and reliable performance.


Areas of Use and Advantages:

Industrial Kitchens: Ideal for restaurants, patisseries and bakery production facilities. Wide bandwidth and adjustable bandwidth accommodate busy workflows.
Product Diversity: Offers flexibility for different dough types and sizes. The thickness can be adjusted upon request, thus it is possible to obtain various dough products.
Hygiene and Cleaning: Stainless steel materials and easy-to-clean design meet hygiene standards and facilitate the cleaning processes of businesses.


DHM 60 CR is one of Dirmak Makina's high quality and practical solutions for industrial kitchens. It allows businesses to optimize their dough processing processes with its hygienic design, flexible use and efficiency.