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IBT 42-33 planetary mixer, one of Dirmak Makina's leading products, stands out with its excellent performance and versatile use in industrial kitchens. With its functionality, durability and ease of use, this excellent machine of ours appeals to a wide range of uses, from patisseries to restaurants, from hotels to large-scale industrial facilities.

Functionality and Usage Areas

The IBT 42-33 planetary mixer is ideal for pastries, pastry production, bread making and many other culinary processes, providing dense, fast, homogeneous and residue-free mixing. It provides excellent results, especially for the homogeneous mixing of different ingredients such as cake dough, cream, bread dough, sugary and fatty mixtures.

Why is it preferred?

Versatility: IBT 42-33 is suitable for many different mixing processes with different speed options and various accessories.
Durability: The stainless steel AISI 304 boiler offers long-lasting use with its powerful engine and solid structure.
Safety: Operator safety is ensured with features such as wire safety cover, automatic stop sensor and boiler protector.
Performance: Thanks to its high-capacity boiler and powerful engine, you can mix large quantities and achieve fast results.
Ease of Use: It provides easy use with its waterproof control panel and user-friendly design.

Dirmak Makina's IBT 42-33 planetary mixer is an ideal solution for businesses that want to increase efficiency and produce quality products in industrial kitchens. It maintains its leading position in the industry with its high performance, durability and ease of use.
IBT 42 Planet Mikser - Planetary Mixer