IBT 32-33

30 l planetary mixer, stainless steel safety cover, with 3-speed motor (68-136-201 rpm). Oil-free planetary system. Equipped with spiral hook,
paddle, whisk.



Floor model, suitable for all kneading, mixing and whipping operations. Body painted with corrosion resistant electrostatically paint. Equipped with 30 l capacity stainless steel AISI 304 bowl. Powerful asynchronous motor with electronic speed variation. Water protected planetary system. Stainless steel bowl guard. Waterproof control panel with 30 minutes timer. Bowl position device allows the mixer to switch on only when the bowl and safety cover is properly positioned together.




▶ 1 of bowl 30 l

▶ 1 of spiral hook 30 l

▶ 1 of paddle 30 l

▶ 1 of whisk 30 l

IBT 32-2
Main Features


▶ IBT Series planetary mixers provide very intensive, quick
homogeneous and dead spot-free mixing. Professional beater mixer
that provides all the basic mixer functions; kneading of all sort of
pastes, mixing of semi-liquid products, emulsions and various sauces
▶ Dirmak accessories are designed for long-term usage under heavyduty
conditions. The mixer is equipped with spiral hook, paddle, wire
whisk and mixing bowl for 30 l.
▶ Waterproof button control panel with timer
▶ 3 Speed
▶ Maximum capacity (Flour, with %60 hydration) 7,5 kg suitable for
100-300 meals per service.
▶ Wire safety cover enables to add products while working, thus
ensuring operator safety.
▶ Safety device will automatically stop the machine when the cover
▶ Stainless steel bowl guard prevents operation when the front
portion of guard is out of position
▶ Covering the stainless steel wire one limits the flour and unsafe dust
particles when used in bakery and pastry preparation.

Important Informations
Model : IBT 32-33
Boiler Volume : 30 L
Cake Dough (kg) : 13,5 KG
Cream : 5,5 L
Egg : 40
Bread Dough (kg)  : 7,5 KG
Oil and Sugar (kg) : 10 KG
Dimensions (CM) : 62 x 92 x 125
Weight : 160 KG
Motor Power : 0,5-0,7-0,9 kW
Electrical Properties : 380-415 V/3P/50-60hZ
Body : Painted Body
With this machine you can do the following
  • Cream


  • Chocolate


  • Cake


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