IEK 500 S

Floor model, 50 cm maximum bread length, 14 cm maximum bread height, stainless steel safety parts for knives, all food contact parts are made by AISI 304 stainless steel material, CE certified.



IEK Series Bread Slicers are suitable for industrial kitchens, bakeries,, supermarkets and all kind of professional using for bread slicing. All food contact parts are AISI 304 stainless steel. Very easy to operate. Corrosion resistant body, optionally different colors. Different slice thicknesses such as 10–11-13-15-17-20 mm. CE certified, durable, compact and modern design.

Main Features
▶ IEK Series Bread Slicers are designed for bakeries, restaurants and
▶ Blade ranges varying between 10 mm - 20 mm are produced
according to request
▶ IEK Series Bread Slicers operate with high performence in many
types of bread
▶ Operates with high efficiency easy operation
▶ Silent operation
▶ IEK Series Bread Slicer machines are designed to meet EU Safety
directives and are fully CE approved
▶ Body painted with corrosion resistant electrostatical paint.
Important Informations


▶ AISI 304 food contact parts
▶ Asynchronous motor with high start-up torque.
▶ Water protected IP 32 overall machine
▶ Power:0,55 kW


▶ Different Colors
▶ Different Voltages
▶ Different Slice Thickness (10 mm - 20 mm)


Supply Voltage : 200-220 V/1P/50-60Hz
Motor Power : 0,55 kW


500 mm Maximum Bread Length
140 mm Maximum Bread Height

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