DHY 100

Conical rounder machines works between 150 g - 700 g. Stainless steel body. Conical system obtain round shape dough due to rotate around own axis and adjustable slots.



Conical rounder machines give shape dough which comes from dough dividers by rotating head and adjustable slots.

Main Features
▶ Stainless steel body
▶ Adjustable dough slots
▶ Air blowing
▶ Optionally teflon cover for conic
Important Informations


▶ AISI 304 Stainless steel body
▶ Asynchronous motor with high start-up torque.


Supply Voltage : 380-400/3P/50-60hZ
Motor Power :  1,3 kW



150-700 G

Dimensions (CM)  : 95 x 95 x 150
Weight : 250 KG
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