DTM 64

DTM series churros machines can produce dessert in desired weight thanks to its stylish design, stainless steel body, dough output speed adjustment and cutter speed adjustable.



▶ Dough Capacity: 3,5 kg
▶ Body: Stainless Steel



▶ Fixing arm for fryer
▶ Different type of molds

DTM 64 (2)
DTM 64 (3)
Main Features
▶ DTM Series consists of complete chrome body and apparatus in accordance with food standards.
▶ It is designed for easy use and provides easy cleaning.
▶ Easy to install and operate.
▶ DTM Series Machines enable to procure requested weights of churros sweets with exit dough speed setting and cutter speed setting.
▶ DTM Series Machines produce very quickly thanks to powerful motors and compact design.
▶ It has adjustable dough output and cutting speed.
▶ DTM Series Churros Machines are designed to meet EU safety directives and are fully CE Approved.
Important Informations


The user is responsible for the ventilation installation



Supply Voltage: : 200-220 V/1P/50-60Hz   
Motor Power :  0,37 kW



Dimensions (cm)  : 40 x 60 x 80
Weight : 40 kg
With this machine you can do the following
  • Churros - Donut

    Churros - Donut

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